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Welcome to our page! We here at Event Horizon Experiences want to bring the full of Experience of Virtual Reality to your next event! The technology of Virtual Reality is being utilized in many ways today and it is growing very fast in popularity. Let us at Event Horizon Experiences take your event into Virtual Reality by providing both the technology and professional service during the duration of your event making sure the encounter is one you and your attendees will never forget.


At Event Horizon Experiences we believe that this technology should be made present to as many people as possible because we believe that Virtual Reality will change our world and provide possibilities that we have only imagined right at our fingertips.

Before the event we provide:

During the event we provide:

Events Where VR is Popular

Fun Corporate Event Themes To Incorporate VR:

Choose your Packages and VR Experience(s)

Event Horizon offers several scenarios of Virtual Reality experiences for your event to give you several options on how to experience Virtual Reality Technology. There are different Package Tiers you can chose from for the VR Experience at your event along with scenarios that come with them. We offer the following experience scenarios and setups.





(HD/4K Updrade) :

Option 3

(Racer Pack)


(Flight Pack):

Pimax Upgrade Option

Option 4

(Full VR Package):

Option 4

(Full VR Package w/ Pimax 5K Plus VR Upgrade):

Customize your Package Option

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