The Virtual Education Series (VR) takes the real-time classroom experience with the flexibility

and resources of online education and brings them together through Virtual Reality technology. We provide courses with instructors who are certified experts in their particular subject matter and create the classrooms and environments for them to utilize with our students. In Virtual Reality the learning experience has been taken to another plane where we have an unlimited amount of resources to teach our students in the most immersive and incredible manner possible. Feel free to see our demo videos, what we offer, and in the end, if you wish, book a consultation session with you to get you enrolled today!

- ESL(English as a Second Language.)Intro/Intermediate and Advanced levels.

- Introduction to Public Speaking.

We also include:

- New Student Orientation.

- Created Virtual Classrooms and Experiences.

- 8 Student limit per class.

- Guest Speaker Events.

- Virtual Events for students.

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