Before the event we provide:

  • Professional Consultation

  • Virtual Reality comprehension

  • Description of event facilitation

  • Demo of Virtual Reality

  • Description of utilized equipment at event

  • Answer any questions you may have

Before the event we provide:

  • Professional Consultation

  • Virtual Reality comprehension

  • Description of event facilitation

  • Demo of Virtual Reality

  • Description of utilized equipment at event

  • Answer any questions you may have

During the event we provide:

  • Professionally Trained Event Horizon Staff member at event

  • Professional Facilitation

  • On-Site Technical support

  • All Virtual Reality Equipment and Computers

  • Full Event Setup and Breakdown

  • Over 100 Virtual Reality games and experiences

  • Interactive participation with attendees

  • Step by step training for new VR users to enjoy the experience

When you wear a VR headset you become absorbed by your personal gaming world. Being in the game instead of merely playing it changes the entire experience where you are truly are a part of the gaming story with you on the inside playing the game versus on the outside controlling the game looking inwards.

Imagine yourself being whisked off to a jungle involved in a Special Ops mission with the entire environment around you interacting with you. Get behind the wheel of an off-road rally truck and race through great outdoors. Try flying into space on a Fighter ship flying through an asteroid field while avoiding enemy spaceships trying to get you. Take on time and a handful of virtual assassins with some provided weapons and some good strategy to survive as they come from every direction. 

Virtual Reality gaming provides a unique experience that puts you in the game and situation that comes with it and you must use your skills to overcome it as the environment around you and everything in it is part of you now!

Good Luck Gamer!

Events where VR is popular:

  • Trade Shows

  • Exhibits

  • Conferences

  • Corporate Holiday Parties

  • Corporate Perks Option & Culture Building

  • Birthday Parties

  • Fundraisers

Fun Corporate Event Themes to Incorporate VR:

  • Futuristic/Future

  • Sports 

  • Western Theme

  • 80's/90's

  • Zombie Apocalypse


While many continue to debate over the adoption rates of virtual reality (VR) and if it really will be ‘the future’, a VR tidal wave is quietly bringing VR very much into the present. A number of companies are exploring VR as a supplementary tool for corporate training and you could find yourself being trained in VR sooner than you think.

For those new to VR, it uses 3D-generated images to immerse a user into a simulated environment so that they feel like they are actually there. 

At Event Horizon offer these type of Training Scenarios in Virtual Reality:

Standalone - the headset does not require any additional cables or devices to run (e.g. Oculus Go & Oculus Quest)
Desktop - VR powered by high-end computers and a VR headset (e.g. Oculus Rift, Rift S, HTC Vive, HTC Vice Pro, Valve Index(Coming Soon), Pimax 5K and 8K OLED (Coming Soon)

The argument for VR in corporate training is simple - it can increase engagement and knowledge retention levels, and employees can be trained in a safer, more cost efficient way.

VR enables employees to learn through practical experience. Experiential learning has long been argued as the most effective way to learn and studies have shown that learning through experience increases the quality of learning, and retention by 75-90%.

Training in VR has proven to provide the following results:

* Higher Attention Rates
* Safe/Risk Free Environment Training
* Immersive Experience
* Advanced Hands-On encounter

Coming Soon: Visit our Event Horizon office to hold your presentation and/or Training at our site utilizing our conference room. Includes presentation setup and VR Equipment onsite.


Playing against others in VR is an experience that brings hours of competitive fun to any event! Get into a space fighter and in the middle of an outer space dogfight against others. Roam through an old town by yourself or through a team match with your Special Ops unit to take down the other players. Get into the ring and box against a friend to see who really is the top prize fighter!

There are plenty of games that offer the type of multiplayer you’re used to, but they’ve replicated the experiences in VR. Some even bare an uncanny resemblance to popular titles. Pavlov VR looks and plays much like Counter-Strike. War Dust definitely has a Battlefield vibe going on with 32 versus 32 multiplayer battles. And, Stand Out: VR Battle Royale offers that Fortnite-like gameplay in VR. 

The difference here is that VR offers a new level of immersion, and free hand movement can give players freedom to do things they can’t in non-VR titles, like throw their gun on the ground and surrender with their hands raised to see if enemy players will show mercy. This control over your own movements is a big difference. Sometimes this can look buggy, but it opens the door for interesting interactions.

Let us take you and your group into a Virtual World where you can challenge each other in the experience of your choice and let the best person win!


Event Horizon Experiences is a newly established Virtual Reality experience company based out of Miami, FL whose mission is to bring the technology of Virtual Reality to the mainstream. The use of Virtual Reality has been growing at a phenomenal rate since 2015 being utilized not just for entertainment but for educational and business purposes. We at Event Horizon Experiences know Virtual Reality and its capacity. Let our professional staff cater your next event and facilitate an experience that you will never forget!

The Event Horizon Experience

Welcome to our page! We here at Event Horizon Experiences want to bring the full of Experience of Virtual Reality to your next event! The technology of Virtual Reality is being utilized in many ways today and it is growing very fast in popularity. Let us at Event Horizon Experiences take your event into Virtual Reality by providing both the technology and professional service during the duration of your event making sure the encounter is one you and your attendees will never forget.


At Event Horizon Experiences we believe that this technology should be made present to as many people as possible because we believe that Virtual Reality will change our world and provide possibilities that we have only imagined right at our fingertips.

Event Horizon offers several scenarios of Virtual Reality experiences for your event to give you several options on how to experience Virtual Reality Technology. There are different Package Tiers you can chose from for the VR Experience at your event along with scenarios that come with them. We offer the following experience scenarios and setups.

VR Racing with full Wheel, Shifter, and pedals on stand setup (Upgrade option in package Pimax  5k 200 Degree Field of View Experience.) Bring Information Together shorten In Half to Make room For VR Packages.

Multiplayer Battles(Paintball, Dodgeball, Western Shootout, and more)Bring Information Together shorten In Half to Make room For VR Packages.

VR Theatre (YouTube VR, Bigscreen, 3D Movies and gaming)

Zombie Apocalypse VR gaming (Arizona Sunshine and more.)

Swinging Swords VR Experience (Beat Saber, Fruit Ninja VR, Light Blade,Lightsaber Trainer.)

Extreme Interaction Simulators( Age 13+ and Client Permission needed. Age 18+) Gorn, Pavlov VR, Blades and Sorcery, BloodTrail, Contractors and others(These Scenarios have realistic gore experience. Representative will discuss this experience prior to client choosing.)

VR Flight Simulation with Flight Stick control and Yolk Thruster ((Upgrade option in package for Pimax 5k 200 Degree Field of View Experience.)Bring Information Together shorten In Half to Make room For VR Packages.

Room Scale VR Experience(Immersive VR Environment interaction, Paint in the   air around you and more.)Bring Information Together shorten In Half to Make room For VR Packages.

Sports Bar Simulation(Simulated Bar Environment with VR Bar Games)

VR Rollercoaster and rides(Space Tour, Landing on moon and more.)

VR Fight Experience (Creed VR, Thrill of the Fight, Fight Night VR, Drunken Bar    Brawl.)

Battle Royale VR, Rec Room Battle Royale Multiplayer Experience(Fortnite Fan Favorite)

VR Arcade(PC Games and Retro Games, Nes, Snes, etc played in VR.)

Space and Earth VR Experience(Google Earth VR, Universal Sandbox 2 VR)

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